Friday, September 30, 2005

The following was written in celebration of my father's 87th birthday, by his brother Peter.



I’ll not waste time, I’ll be quite quick
Explaining what makes Billy tick

Our nation’s reeling, it’s heading for a fall
Yet my bro’s focus is on major-league ball

Critics suspect the President’s in a coma
But Bill stays glued on Terry Francona

Although Bush hunts vainly for baddies under rocks
Bill’s obsession is them Boston Sox

Bush says no to partial birth abortions
And Bill says yes to Fenway’s fortunes

He knows our homeland is going to pot
But his own greatest fear is that Jeter may get hot

But now’s the time for laughter and mirth
Marking the day of Big Brother’s birth

Let good times roll, I wish you well
And may those Yankees go to hell
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What the hell is this babble? I had voice recognition running while I was on a business phone call, and this is what came out. No idea what I was really talking about, but it was none of this!